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cptoshm --help

cptoshm (version 0.7 of frankl's stereo utilities)
  cptoshm --shmname=/<name> [options]

  This program copies the content of a file (or of stdin) into a shared 
  memory area. 


  The converse is done by 'shmcat'. This can be used for audio playback 
  by copying music files from hard disc to memory before playing them.
  This approach causes less operating system overhead compared to copying 
  music files to a ramdisk.


  --file=name, -i name
      the name of the input file. If this is not given input is taken
      from stdin (and in this case you have to specify --max-input).

  --shmname=string, -o string
      the name of the shared memory area to which the input is written.
      By convention this name should start with a slash (/).

  --buffer-size=intval, -b intval
      the internal buffer size in bytes. The default is about 4 MB.

  --max-input=intval, -m intval
      this is the maximal number of bytes read from the input file.
      If input is a file the default is the length of that file.
      If input is stdin then this  option must be given but may be
      larger than the actual input.

  --verbose, -v
      print some information during startup and operation.

  --version, -V
      print information about the version of the program and abort.

  --help, -h
      print this help page and abort.


  Copy a flac file to memory before playing and copy it into a playback

  cptoshm --file=mymusic.flac --shmname=/play.flac

  shmcat --shmname=/play.flac | ...